NOº 1883

Soundtrack of My Mind: [09.14.11]

Had my teeth bared. For battle.

(Till love lost made me dull.)


  • It’s okay if this is apropos of nothing, right? Because it is. I mean. Generally speaking, A) I’m dull and B) that’s (likely) in no small part because of sundry lost loves. Etc. But here, now. I just like this song. Love those lines. And this lady’s dulcet bared-tooth growl. That’s all. Thank you. Amen.
  • Also FYI/411: s’pose I’ll go on record as saying that I’d kiss this woman’s face all. day. long. Until A) she said, “Dude, can you please quit kissing my damn face — don’t you have anything better to do than to kiss my face?” and B) there was absolutely no way I could, in good conscience, write a(n admittedly great) line like, “There’s still a little bit of your face I haven’t kissed.” Alas, I think there’s a very long queue to be the dude who couldn’t write that line. Even the dude who wrote that line is ahead of me in that, uh, line. But still. Just thought you should now.


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