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FYI/411: The World Receives COMMUNION

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Communion_coverAn Interview…

  • Here’s a recent Q & A with Dan Wickett over at the Emerging Writers’ Network.

Some Reviews…

  • Jonathan Duckworth’s considered opinion re: Communion (via Pank): “TJ Beitelman’s Communion is not a conventional short story collection, nor is it the sort of collection that one could use as an easy, marketable model for putting together a first book. It is, however, memorable and equal-parts troubling, affecting, and inspiring.”
  • Ray Barker has this to say about it in Full Stop: “The religiosity inherent in the work is introduced as subtly as the girls whispering into the boys’ ears in the opening story. Let’s be clear: readers should take the title of the collection — communion — as a literal missive regarding Beitelman’s intentions. The characters that populate the worlds he creates and explores seek above all else to share in a significant and meaningful exchange, of intimate thoughts and feelings, with spiritual and meaningful implications, with or without establishing roots. Broadening the definition further, Beitelman includes the solitary and private act of reading — and the relationship between author, the work, and the reader — as a form of communion itself.”
  • And this, from MacKenzie Hamilton at New Pages: “TJ Beitelman has created a strange world in which his fiction is alive in short, bright bursts as well as long, hot days. This collection is sure to hang in the recesses of the reader’s mind for ages after completion.”